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Superpositivity Books was born in Jammu, India, on 15 May 2014. It is a unit of Superpositivity Movement, a consciousness organisation started by Vickrant Mahajan, to share the energy of superpositivity with the world. All offerings by Superpositivity Books are replete with the power of infinite possibilities and resonate with the highest level of positive energy in creation. The core purpose of Superpositivity Books is to publish books that connect a reader with the fount of infinity that resides within every human being — and to thus contribute to the uplift of the collective human consciousness.  

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Within a few years, Superpositivity Books has enabled the creation of many pioneering books on the subject of superpositivity, including Yes Thank You Universe and Goalete. They can be read for free here or bought as e-books on Amazon

Yes Thank You Universe cover_edited_edited.jpg
The Glacier River Ocean Principle eCover.jpg
Positivation eCover.jpg
Goal is Gold Front Cover jpg.jpg
Superpositivity Front Cover.jpg
Stretch Yourself Front Cover.JPG
Superhealthfulness eCover.jpg
Superpositivity Exchange Book Cover.jpg
Goalete Book Cover  1.jpg
Superchampion eCover.jpg
Superpositivity Nutrition eCover.jpg
Uppreciation Front Cover.jpg
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Goaletics Front Cover.jpg
Superpositivity Exercise eCover.jpg


You can superpositively connect with us at for further details.

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